Challenges & Opportunities-Mobile Applications Development in  India

The year 2010 is reckoned as a year of major development as well as deployment of varied applications for mobiles. The advanced feature of information accessing and transferring from anywhere, at anytime and to any corner of the globe is the prime reason of high demand of applications in the arena of e-business. Mobile App companies are in boom because custom mobile application has become an integral part of every business due to its updated, managed as well as innovative applications that can be embedded into smart phones, pocket PDAs’, PCs’ etc.

Designing and developing applications for mobiles can be a boon if performed with apt technologies in apt direction, but can also be a bane if not developed properly with adept hands under strict guidance. Today, Mobile Application development Companies in India have been facing a number of challenges in designing and implementing this unique technology for the benefit of mobile app users. The biggest challenge, faced by application developing Companies, is the late implementation and launching of Applications in India. Yes! This is a major mistake done by Companies that affects the marketing and popularity rate of the mobiles.

In India, an ample array of mobile handsets is available in the market. Hence, the other challenge hinders the development of Mobile App, when it comes to choose a platform to develop applications. The availability of a wide number of handsets in the market means a lot of money investment. Mobile App Companies have to spend huge amount of money in testing the applications on varied major platforms such as J2ME, Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone and Brew.

In addition to this, the revenue sharing problem is another challenge comes in the path of Mobile App Development in India. Generally, telecom operators ask for 60 to 90 percent of revenue that can burn a hole in the pocket of these companies. The over budget problem can lead to the poor quality and usability of the applications of mobiles in India.

Due to all these challenges, Mobile Companies miss the opportunity of marketing their applications and benefitting the user by providing them with unmatched technology. Sometimes, the seasoned mobile app software developers discover these difficulties while developing unbeatable applications.

. Combining experience with expertise, RedOrangeTechnologies Pvt. Ltd. has converted all the challenges into opportunities to create a buzz in the mobile app industry. RedOrange Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a name you can rely upon for the development of a vast array of applications in India. With specialization in mobile apps development, the company has been developing applications for diverse platforms like Blackberry Mobile, iPhone/iPad Mobile, Android and Mobile Website Development. Employing standard technologies with proficiency of skilled team of apps developers, the company has been rendering reliability and data security in designing applications for mobiles. The economical and high-end applications for mobiles, provided by the company, have been proved benefitted for established as well as start up enterprises. Backed with a sound infrastructural base, the company designs applications keeping in the mind the end users so that they can gain maximum profit with minimum investment.

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